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A love for her grandfather’s furniture and collectibles


A love for her grandfather’s furniture and collectibles inspired Nicole Duggan early in life. She still cherishes items that were once part of his home, and they are now part of her own. She also loves to search for items that were once sources of pride before being discarded for all things new. The back bar at Cannon Smoked in Sunrise Beach features one of those. Those oak shelves and glass-enclosed cabinets were once used for displays and organization in a drug store. Mrs. Duggan’s latest venture blends her love of antiques with her love for innovation and community.

Inside, the old has been repurposed. A fine cedar counter once used in a grocery serves as the main counter for Funky Buffalo. An antique candy counter tempts with candies that have stood the test of time. They pleased kids who are now grown and gray, and they still please kids today. A red classic Coca-Cola refrigerated chest holds grape, root beer, and orange flavored soda as well as the first-formula of Coke itself–the one made with sugar.

Much more than coffee


Customers can drive through or step inside to order coffee or espresso from a brand new espresso machine. They can add pieces of whole baked pies, cinnamon rolls, wraps, Panini sandwiches, soups, and salads. Funky Buffalo will also feature Cannon Smoked meats.

At the east end of the building is a sitting room with fireplace for those who wish to drink coffee, warm themselves by the fire, and read or search the Internet using Funky Buffalo’s WiFi. Next to this room is a kids’ space where younger customers can color and read or enjoy stories told by a professional storyteller appearing monthly.

Other special features of the building include a natural stonewall that stands as a backdrop for gift items. One is a rack of items to personalize. Customers can choose from bookmarks, pens, water bottles, and coffee mugs, then wait about two minutes for the item to be returned with the name of a grandchild or best friend. Women’s clothing and jewelry items are also available.

A cedar wall was part of the original home built in the 1950s, and it glows under the warm track lighting. Nearby are arches formed from two trees, hollowed out and polished to a fine shine like the shine on the cedar wall. Along this wall are shelves featuring coffees and coffee accessories.

A place of community and friendship


The entire Duggan family has plans for Funky Buffalo’s future. At Christmas time, for example, carolers will lift their voices, and Santa may appear. Throughout the year, Nicole Duggan hopes to see book clubs and church groups gather to read and discuss.

The space is inviting and cozy, wonderful for community and friendship, and these are the motivators that drive Mrs. Duggan. She tries to honor her family through her respect for the past, and she tries to remember her Kansas roots by featuring the buffalo that roam the Kansas plains with a painting titled “Color of the Plains” by OK Cherokee artist, Bill Rabbit, a centerpiece in the new business named Funky Buffalo.